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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. In addition to keeping you warm and dry, your roof also helps to shelter your home’s internal structures from the elements. Most roofs need to be replaced every 20 to 25 years, but they may need to be replaced sooner due to hail, excessive snow, or other severe weather events. If you notice leaking, sagging or any other signs that your roof is no longer in tip top shape please get in touch. We’re happy to provide you with a quote on roofing repair or replacement.

Why Choose Vinyl

In addition to aesthetic value, siding also serves a more practical purpose; protecting your home’s structure from the elements. This is why it is extremely important to repair or replace vinyl siding that has been cracked or broken. Moisture that enters through damaged siding can lead to rot, which weakens the structure of your home and leads to much larger, more serious structural issues. 

Siding also helps to increase a home’s R value (how resistant a wall is to heat flow entering or exiting a house). We recommend that your walls have an R value of at least R20.

We offer insulating sheeting that can be installed on a home’s exterior walls prior to installing vinyl siding. This allows you to improve your home’s appearance and resistance to heat flow at the same time. Not only does your house look better, it is now a warmer, more cost-effective home.

We offer a wide variety of different vinyl siding products to better your home. Contact us today to find a solution that works for your home.

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