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Eavestroughing, or rain gutters, collect water from rain or melting snow from the roof and direct it down and away from your home. Not only does it protect your roofing system, but it also protects your home’s foundation by directing the water away from your home.


Upgrade your eavestroughs to a coloured match, 5” aluminum seamless eavestrough system to better carry water away from your home’s foundation. A 5” eavestroughing system can carry 25% more water, helping to eliminate water over pour from heavy rainstorms that is often seen with a typical system.

Water over pour is dangerous, leading to soil erosion around your foundation and basement flooding. Installing 5” eavestroughing is your first line of defence against these problems. Speak to an Edmonton eavestroughing expert, contact Roe Roofing & Exteriors today.

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