Soffit & Fascia

Soffit and fascia serve important roles in your home’s roofing system. In addition to providing your home with proper ventilation, they also ensure that the internal structures of your home stay dry when exposed to the elements.

Soffit refers to the boards that line the underside of the overhanging portion of the roof. In a newer home, these are typically vented and made of aluminum. Older homes may feature wooden soffits with vents installed. Ventilation is very important, as it allows for warm air to exit your home’s attic space and cool air to enter. This helps to prevent ice damming, as well as extends the life of your shingles by limiting the amount of heat they are exposed to.

Fascia is the vertical board that runs between the soffit and the edge of the roof. Its primary function is to prevent moisture from entering your home’s roofing system. Without it, the internal structure of the roof would be exposed to rain and snow, resulting in rot and premature aging of the roofing system.

We highly recommend installing an aluminum soffit and fascia. Not only will it not require regular painting or staining, it is also significantly more weather resistant, meaning less time and money spent on maintenance and repairs.

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