Seasonal Roof Care For Edmonton’s Climate

Although Edmonton enjoys sunny weather all-year-round, most of the city’s precipitation happens in the summertime and it endures very cold winters with a long snow season.

And its prairie-stepped type climate means that the weather is extremely changeable – it’s hard to predict what it’s going to be like day-to-day.

With all of that in mind, it’s important to stay ahead of your roof’s condition to ensure damage doesn’t occur due to the changes in weather.

The last thing you want are pesky leaks during the rainy summers or damage caused by heavy snowfall.

So, to deal with Edmonton’s climate, here are some seasonal roof maintenance tasks you should perform to keep your roof in good condition throughout the entire year:

Roof Maintenance for Fall

This transitory season between summer and winter is the best time to do a major inspection of your roof and take care of any repairs or maintenance tasks.

Doing so will ensure that you can have a professional roofing installer address any issues before the Edmonton temperatures plummet.

When performing maintenance tasks on your roof during the fall, remember to do the following:

  • Clean out your gutters. Remove any debris such as leaves and old roofing materials from your gutters to ensure water can drain from your roof.
  • Inspect your gutters. While you’re up there, make sure your gutter brackets and rejoining sections are nice and tight.
  • Check out your shingles. Take note of their state to determine if any damaged shingles need to be replaced.
  • Look for moss and algae growth. This will have to be cleaned off to prevent your shingles from deteriorating.
  • Trim your trees. Any overgrown trees that dangle close to your roof, or even touch it, can damage roofing materials – especially when ice weighs down the branches and can cause them to break and snap.
  • Check your attic’s insulation. You want to make sure your attic is sufficiently insulated in order to keep heat inside your home and prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

Roof Maintenance for Winter

Once the Edmonton cold settles in for the winter, there isn’t much you can do when it comes to maintaining your home’s roof.

However, there are things you can keep an eye on to avoid costly repairs and damages:

  • Check the amount of snow and ice on your roof. Yes, snow needs to be cleared from your roof if too much accumulates. The weight of ice and snow can cause significant damage to your roof and your home’s structure.
  • Inspect your roof after weather with high winds. You’ll want to immediately clear off any heavy limbs or debris that have landed on your roof.

Apart from keeping an eye on snow and ice building up on your roof, you likely won’t have to take any action unless there is an emergency such as leaks and storm damage.

In this case, you will have to call in a professional roofing contractor to assess the situation and carry out repairs.

Roof Maintenance for Spring

Sometimes it seems that spring in Edmonton will never come – but it always arrives eventually!

When it does, and the days are warmer and the snow begins to thaw, it’s time to do an inspection of your roof to see if any winter weather caused any issues you may have missed during that season.

Plus, if you didn’t get around to doing the maintenance tasks mentioned above for fall, you can always get them done in the spring.

Here are some maintenance tasks you should perform on your roof in the spring:

  • Look for signs of wear and tear. Take a walk around your house and look for damage to shingles, gutters and other roofing components as well as your chimney and vents.
  • Inspect your ceilings. Look for signs of leaks on your ceilings and in your attic such as peeling paint, mold spots and water stains.
  • Check your gutters. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of debris. As snow is melting off your roof, and the rainy weather takes over, you want to make sure water is properly drained from your roof and away from your home’s foundation.
  • Look for moss and algae. Again, you want to make sure there is no moss or algae growing on your roof – this can lead to mold which can damage your shingles.
  • Remove dangling branches. If the winter weather caused any nearby branches to crack or break over the top of your roof, now is the time to get them cleared away.

Spring is the best time to look at the state of your shingles and determine if it’s time for a roof replacement.

If your roof is over 15 years old, or there is significant damage to the shingles (or many of them are missing), it may be time to call in the professionals to install a brand new roof.

When it comes to booking in a professional roofing contractor, spring is the perfect time. Many companies will book up quickly during the warmer months.

Roof Maintenance for Summer

If you took care to inspect and maintain your roof during the fall and spring, there’s really not much you will have to do to it in the summer.

However, you can complete the maintenance tasks and basic inspection steps listed for fall and spring if you didn’t get around to them.

Most importantly, make sure your attic is properly ventilated. With Edmonton’s wet summer weather, you want to make sure your roof is properly ventilated and that no condensation forms in your attic.

Otherwise, when it comes to your roof, you can simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful Edmonton weather!

Keep Your Roof In Good Shape All Year ‘Round!

By taking these steps each season of the year, you can ensure your home’s roof remains well maintained and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Our expert team of roofing contractors at Roe Roofing and Exteriors are ready to give your roof a proper inspection and advise you on any repairs or maintenance tasks that should be performed.

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